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Intuitive Coach, D-Codes™ and Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Jade Smith


Tune in and reflect...

Are you longing for guidance on the pathway to rediscovering your true self?

Are you experiencing pain, comfort, or dis-ease in the body?
​Do you feel caught in repetitive patterns that limit your personal growth and hold you back?

Are you looking to improve relationships with your loved ones?
Are you ready to lift the weight of past traumas and experience a renewed lightness in your body?

Maybe you're seeking a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, and authenticity in your life?

If you resonate with any of these questions, know that you're not alone. We all need healing in our bodies and in our lives. I am passionate about helping you along that journey.
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Welcome to The Jade Rabbit, it's nice to have you here. I'm incredibly passionate about guiding individuals on their journey of self-discovery. I believe that your essence, dreams, and aspirations are waiting to be unlocked. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey towards alignment and optimal health of your body, mind, and spirit. As an advanced Reiki practitioner, D-Codes practitioner, and someone who lives off the grid, deeply connected to nature, I bring a calming and steady energy to our sessions. This supportive environment will empower you to reach your highest potential by addressing outdated belief systems, unearthing repressed emotions, and healing family traumas. I'll be right there beside you, coaching you towards a state of well-being. I have a profound interest in homeopathy, naturopathy, and nutrition, and I see them as integral components together with D-Codes and Reiki. Together, we'll facilitate a multi-layered transformation of your subtle bodies, unlocking the pathways for healing that are already within you.

"The pathways for your healing are already within you. My role is to help you uncover them, to explore their connections and to guide you toward the full embodiment of your true self"

- Jade Smith

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Tina Charlton, Kordabup WA

Jade created a space that felt safe, a space where I felt held and supported throughout the entire healing session. Even though it wasn’t an in person session it felt as though she was right there with me the entire time. It was easeful dropping into the space with Jade’s guiding words leading the way. She knew exactly what questions to ask at the right time which made me feel into past events and emotions I had not ever considered relevant. The multiple follow ups and check ins after the session made me not only feel super supported and cared for but also reminded me to stay focused on the work I was meant to continue to do.



The D-Codes™ are currents of energy that open the channels for our soul to fully settle into the body. The frequencies that transmute pain, disease and old stories harbored in our cells, for good. They attune us to our multidimensional experience.

As a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, I take a holistic approach, tracking through all 5 energy bodies at once to get to the root of the issue. I can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, and general discomfort you are ready to release, bringing about connection on a deeper level to who you are. We do this through a unique combination of:

- tracking through all 5 energy bodies
- complex Akashic records
- cord and contract work
- intuitive life coaching
- mediumship
- in-person or distance space clearings
- hormonal and immune system support
- transmuting dark or unhelpful emotions and energies
- reconnecting you to your whole and healed version of self

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The D-Codes™ are the Gateway between our 3D experience and our Morphogenetic Field. Everything we are, everything we are to become, and everything we are here to do is in this space.

During your intuitive healing session we look to establish a full picture of your health, both the positive aspects as well as your ailments. We start with the basics, your physiology, sleep patterns, diet, hydration and any imbalances. We delve into your emotional wellbeing, your mental health and your belief systems. By taking the time to explore all of these aspects, we may begin to see patterns and connections emerge which will guide us towards the right healing pathways and allow for expansion of your multidimensional self.
Fun fact: Your body will initiate its healing process once you say YES to yourself. 
From there take notes of how you are feeling, what health aspects you would like addressed and what you are hoping to achieve and bring your notes to your session. Engage the power of water! It is a conduit of universal energy. It helps move energy throughout the body and allows the brain to send effective signals to your body to facilitate change! For best results please ensure you are well hydrated before and after your session.


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